• Prague Conservatory (Discharge)
  • Jazz workshop led by singer Fionn Duncan, Edinburgh
  • Conservatory of Jaroslav Jezek (Graduation)
  • LSU Kladno (singing, drama, dance, tap dance, art club)


  • Sunny Swing Quintet
  • Original Prague Syncopated Orchestra
  • Karlin Musical Theatre, Murder Behind the Curtain, Company
  • Jazz duo with guitarist Miroslav Fiedler - CD Adelita's ballads
  • The singer's ensemble musical for children "Myš a Maš", 2007-CD “Kluci”
  • Singer folkloric show (Henry Fritch)
  • Company in the musical Miss Saigon


  • Josef Dvorak Theatre Company
    • The Miser (role Mariana Islands)
  • Theatre Company Julie Jurištové
    • Deserted Volšan (the role of Adept)
    • Devil-in-law (the role of good Princess Angeline)
    • Haunted Mill (the role of Betty)
  • Association for Renaissance Czech operetta (Karlín Musical Theatre)
    • Roses from Argentina (role Juanita)
  • Semafor Theatre
    • I am the father Bemle (and I mother Žemle) (the role of Zizi)
    • Sect (the role of good and evil bridesmaids)
    • Lysistrata (the role of son)
  • Member of the musical's ensemble for children "Myš a Maš"