Adéla Zejfartová and Sunny Swing Quintet

Sunny Swing Quintet is a chamber music ensemble, composed of leading Czech jazz and swing musicians with long experience in well-known large orchestras (such as OPSO, Melody Makers, Havelka Sisters, Jazz Bluffers, etc.) represents a faithful interpretation of contemporary songs with the appropriate charge and nostalgia. Plays preferably acoustically. Singing on historicallz faithful microphone with a small sound system amplifier.

The repertoire consists of early American jazz and dance music 20 to 30 years, but also the most famous Czech songs from the First Republic era. This sunny music, evoking reminiscences of the golden age of the last century, is intended for dancing and listening, or just to create a nice and positive atmosphere.

A bit of nostalgia guaranteed to illuminate various social events such as receptions, banquets, conferences, openings, corporate presentations, balls, weddings and other private parties, and can also pleasant stay hotel guests. Withdrawal can be made according to the requirements and intimate version of the organizer - Sunny Swing Quartet / Trio / Duo

Singer and moderator: Adéla Zejfarová

Sunny Swing Quintet members:

  • Ladislav Kokeš - cornet, violin
  • Ladislav Koucký - trumpet
  • Michal Zpěvák - clarinet, soprano saxophone
  • Jan Pospíšil - clarinet, tenor saxophone
  • Antonín Šturma - guitar, double bass
  • Antonín Dlapa - guitar
  • Jan Kříženecký - double bass
  • Zbyněk Dobrohruška - banjo
  • Jiří Gilík - piano
  • Václav Tobrman - piano, ukulele